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With a growing need of risk-aware capital appriciation in the financial markets, INFOREcast provides professional traders, banks, brokers and their clients with a set of novel software tools. Gain an edge in market analysis and trading, based on high speed Big Data analysis.



INFOREcast is the outcome of high level European research. We bundle the power of European companies and researchers to provide solutions for a highly competitive financial environment. The INFORE Project is co-funded by the European Commission.


Asset Management

As experienced market analysts and traders, we know the factors that make or break a sustainable asset management. Combined with our science based software development competence, we provide the tools for contemporary capital appreciation.


   Benefit from European R&D

INFOREcast Capital Appreciation Tools are based on the European Funded INFORE project. INFORE develops novel interactive processing tools for extreme-scale data
analytics. Achieve Alpha in the capital markets and mitigate risk, making use of European research results.

   Creating Alpha

Getting an edge in the markets and achieving poistive, risk-adjusted performance, which diferentiates from major benchmark indices is a key factor for successful asset management. INFOREcast provides you with the tools to manage, filter and visualize Big Data to be one step ahead.

Mitigating Risk

Systemic Risk has been identified as a key factor in the stability of financial market.  In its broadest form, it represents scenarios, where financil markets and the exposure of financial istitutions in those markets become strongly correlated – potentially leading to industry-wide institutional failure.


New light for your investment decisions: Realtime forecasting for price swings of stocks, currencies, commodities and industrial goods, based on super fast market patterns recognition algorithms.

Systemic Risk

Systemic Risk Prediction and early warning issuing, via analyzing inter-dependencies and correlations between specified products and trading instruments to establish and keep a balanced and risk-adjusted portfolio of assets or goods. 

 Investment Opportunities

Decision Support for Investment Opportunities via the identification of relative strengths and weaknesses of assets. Let our algorithms scan the financial markets for the best risk-adjusted profit opportunities, customized to your investment needs. Get easy to use access through Visual Analytics.

The INFOREcast Team

Stefan Burkard is a graduate engineer in computer sciences with a focus on software development, process measuring and control technology. He developed several business software projects for the financial industry with the areas Data Mining and Machine Learning. CTO of Spring Techno since 2003, he is responsible for IT and software projects.

Holger Arndt is Managing Director at Spring Techno with 10+ years of experience in international R&D projects. His work focuses on pattern recognition, machine learning, trading system development and visual analytics. He thereby developed algorithm-based automated trading strategies for Hedge Funds and brokers. 

Do you have questions about our products or pricing plans? The experts of Spring Techno will listen to your specific market analysis and software needs and will send you a tailored offer.

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